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| July 1, 2014

Thanks for coming by my adirondack chair website. With so many chairs to choose from online, I felt as though I should offer everyone’s to you. It’s extremely hard to find the fish chairs anymore. Please take a look the other excellent chairs found online. You can also contact the webmaster of this website emailing -{ sales @ fishchairs.com }- or Click Here

Again, thank you very much and have a wonderful day.

Here’s a couple videos to watch. They show how our chairs actually go together


I have been building basic adirondack chairs for over a decade and love each and every minute of it. I took my experience of building Adirondack Chairs in Upstate New York and brought it south where the weather is favorable for everything all year long, and in return brought back to the original region. Which in return brought me into a different market for my chairs with different requests to alter the style of the “Traditional Adirondack Chair”.

I came up with the fish chair idea after seeing a chair shaped like a bear at a trade show. Instead of following suit and building animal style chairs, I decided to go after the water life styles. Since in the summer I reside within a mile of the coast, Fish Chairs seemed like the thing to do! If you don’t see the style that you would like on the site, send me a picture, or a thought on how you would like it to look and I’ll be happy to let you know if I can make it.

The time and quality that goes into my chairs is unsurpassed whether your in your local market or buying directly from the internet. In general my chairs are made from Southern Yellow Pine which is durable in all climates, and is affordable for me to make it affordable for you. If you would like one of my styles made from another type of wood product, please contact me for a quote. As it stands, I list pine prices and are comfortable using treated and untreated southern yellow pine.

The chairs are made from full 3/4″ thick wood, and the legs on our chairs are made from stock 2″ x 6″ lumber. This makes the true thickness of our legs to be a full 1 and 1/2 inches thick. Comparable to the other adirondack chairs online, there is no comparison.

I have been selling over the internet for 15 years now and we would like for you to know the information you give me is not kept on file, or sold to any other parties. The only emails that are ever sent from our servers are answers to question that come in. I send no outgoing email.

Thanks for coming by my sites, I love the fact that you even found me, and since you did, save FishChairs.com in your favorites so you can get back here for more! Everyone else does!


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